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 The LazioFever Roster presentation 2008/2009

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El Weninho
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LFever Team Member

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PostSubject: The LazioFever Roster presentation 2008/2009   Thu May 29, 2008 7:11 pm

Laziofever Roster Section

Welcome to Laziofever's unique roster section. Here you will be able find important information about SS Lazio's players: the statistics, status and translated news from the main Italian media sources, brought to you by the Laziofever Team. In the future we aim to co-operate with SS Lazio and the players through this section, and offer our members the special possability to interact and send messages to them.

Therefore we kindly ask you - in accordance with Laziofevers policy and motto; One color, one flag, one symbol - to follow some simple rules and guidelines.

- Please try to mantain a correct level on the discussions and use comman sense, not offending other members with different opinions and ideas.

- To criticize a player is always ok, as long as it's kept on a fair and objective level, without unecessary insults.

- Please try to keep each players topic concentrated on that player only. Think twice before you post a short comment or just a smiley, as there are other sections for chit-chat and member interaction. Bare in mind that Laziofever is co-operating with SS Lazio and that we expect our members to keep up the good reputation we already have.

This section is created by our Laziofever team members Ali Alkatiri and Weninho, which also are section managers, and is daily managed by the whole Laziofever Team. If you want to contribute with useful information or suggestions, we would be happy to receive it in a Private Message.

Enjoy your stay, and remember to always act in the true Lazialitá spirit!

Laziofever Team



- Juan Pablo Carrizo - new from River Plate (2013)
- Nestor Fernando Muslera


- Lorenzo de Silvestri (2010)
- Sebastiano Siviglia (2010)
- Sanchez Emilson Cribari (2011)
- Aleksandar Kolarov (2012)
- Stefan Radu - new from Dinamo Bucharest (-)
- David Rozehnal - new from Newcastle (-)
- Stephan Lichtsteiner - new from Lille


- Cristian Daniel Ledesma (2011)
- Ousmane Dabo (2010)
- Pasquale Foggia (-)
- Mourad Meghni (2012)
- Stefano Mauri (2011)
- Fabio Firmani (-)
- Christian Manfredini (2011)
- Matuzalem - new from Real Zaragoza
- Christian Brocchi - new from Milan


- Tommaso Rocchi (2013)
- Stephen Ayodele Makinwa (2011)
- Goran Pandev (2010)
- Mauro Zárate - new from Al Sadd (2009)
- Simone Inzaghi


Still to be confirmed in the final 2008/2009 squad (players under contract with Lazio)

- Simone Del Nero
- Modibo Diakité
- Massimo Mutarelli
- Alessandro Tuia - new from Lazio Primavera (2013)
Manuel Belleri
Libor Kozak - new from SFC Opava
Tommaso Berni

Sent on loan
- Luciano Zauri (until summer 2009)
Lionel Scaloni (until summer 2009)
Riccardo Bonetto (until summer 2009)
Guglielmo Stendardo (until summer 2009)
Roberto Baronio (until summer 2009)
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The LazioFever Roster presentation 2008/2009
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