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 2009!! Your best & worst of

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LFever Team Member
LFever Team Member

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PostSubject: 2009!! Your best & worst of   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:08 pm

I thought maybe you wanted to say what it was about 2009 that you will remember, well anyway I wanted to so here goes Very Happy

Best moment: Being in Olimpico at the 4-2 derby (especially Forrest's goal), my brother's wedding

Worst moment: nervous breakdown at work and swearing at my co-workers Neutral

Best achievement: being the wonderful person that I am

Best song:
Suicide&Redemption - Metallica (it fills me with so much energy, once I was biking to the top of a mountain above Zagreb and I'm sure I wouldn't make it if this didn't start playing on the mp3)

Best movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall ( I loled)

Worst song:
Collective works of Lady Gaga and BEP

Worst movie Sex in the city/Devil wears Prada (my gf made me)

Looking forward to: graduating from college, Metallica concert in May, perhaps coming to the derby, becoming an uncle Very Happy

So what's your list?

"One love, One Lazio SUPER TECH!!!" - mr douglas

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LFever Team Member
LFever Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: 2009!! Your best & worst of   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:22 pm

Nice Sile....

Best moment: My dad recovering from cancer. Meeting my lovely lady... Wink

Worst moment: Having most of my Christmas plans ruined due to being snowed in!

Best achievement: Getting fit and getting down to 72kg.

Best song: Paolo Nutini - Candy

Best movie: Avatar 3D - spectacular effects....

Worst song: Anything by Dizzee Rascal Suspect

Worst movie: Quantum of Solace

Looking forward to: Summer holidays!!! I'm going somewhere hot.

To knog or not to knog......
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LFever Team Member
LFever Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: 2009!! Your best & worst of   Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:22 pm

Best moment: 4 - 2 ... presente !

Worst moment: the news 2 weeks ago of my 15 year old nephew's incurrable cancer, and knowing that he got only some months to live ... and the incredible fact to no one of our family can visit him (blame my brother's divorce and some f*cked up lawyers)

Best achievement: trying to be the 'perfect' dad for my kids and 'perfect' man for my wife

Best song: Dvas - Inner Sanctum
Best movie: (not seen much)

Worst song: surely something of BEP
Worst movie: (dont' watch 'em)

Looking forward to: another year !
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Curva Nord
Curva Nord

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PostSubject: Re: 2009!! Your best & worst of   Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:57 am

Best moment: The Coppa Final.A day i'll never forget

Worst moment: scratch I couldnt honestly say.

Best achievement: Im still here,thats good enough for me.

Best song:
Modern music,it aint my bag.

Best movie: Mesrine part 2:Public Enemy Number 1.Brilliant French film(part 1 is just as good).True story.Highly recommend them both!!!

Worst song:
Take your pick.

Worst movie Something about online human deathmatch's.Cant remember what it was called but it turned out to be a load of bollocks!!!

Looking forward to: Tomorrow.I take it one day at a time.
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Son of Maestrelli
Son of Maestrelli

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PostSubject: Re: 2009!! Your best & worst of   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:47 am

Best moment: The 4-2 Derby and Coppa Italia wins are obvious memories but the best thing about 2009 was seeing the back of 2007 and 2008; two tough years. On a personal level, my band's first gig in December which I hope will prove to be a turning point in life.

Worst moment: Having to nail one performance exam to proceed with my degree; intense pressure.

Best achievement: Emerging from 2009 with all that I have; a year of sacrifices but good decisions.

Best song:
Tempted to agree with Gio, haven't heard much new music since I study all the old stuff but my mum got me into Nutini's 2nd album and Candy reminds me of her when I can't get home.

Best movie:
I don't believe I went to the cinema or rented a DVD last year. I am too isolated.

Worst song: BEP - I Gotta Feeling sticks out, simply because it is played everywhere.

Worst movie:
I'm not fit to comment.

Looking forward to: 2010 may have started dodgily, but it should be my year. Fingers crossed I'll graduate, toes crossed I will be accepted to do a MA in musicology and hopefully I can make something out of the band and maybe journalism. Should be the most important year of my life and I'm determined to succeed.
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PostSubject: Re: 2009!! Your best & worst of   

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2009!! Your best & worst of
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