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 The North Curve From Canada Comes To Rome

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PostSubject: The North Curve From Canada Comes To Rome   Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:05 pm

Ciao tutti,
Hope all is well…Some of you might already know me from my Lazio Audio/Video Blogs from The North Curve (http://northcurve.com)

Either way I’ve been covering Lazio for the last 2 seasons and have been a long time fan. I’ve been in contact with Paolo from Lazio Fever and I’ve told him of my desire to have more people from Rome who can speak English join me on the program to discuss the state of Lazio in English. Lazio has such a wide following across the world, as I’ve had guests from England, Ireland, Canada, Macedonia etc. on the program but never anyone from Rome itself.
My friend and I will be travelling to Rome on April 14th in preparation for a documentary we’ve been shooting here in Canada on the significance of The Derby Capitale. Here in Toronto where I live there are both The Magica Roma Club and Lazio Club of Canada headquarters and different people gave their opinion on why the match is important. I look forward to meeting so many of you throughout the week during the derby and eventually sitting in Curva Nord with some of you.
C’è un problema anche se per biglietti; We did however encounter some problems with match tickets. Apparently in order to purchase the match tickets ID is now required. My concern is that by the time we reach Rome on the 15th of April, there will be no tickets left for Curva Nord. If anyone knows a way or store that will allow me to fax my passport to them to reserve tickets, I would greatly appreciate this. Questo sarebbe un enorme favore a me.
Ci saranno anche su la RAI per discutere il nostro documentario per il Derby Capitale.

Thank-You and Happy Easter, FORZA LAZIO
Grazie Mille Ti vedrò presto al Derby, Non Mollare Mai

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PostSubject: Re: The North Curve From Canada Comes To Rome   Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:01 pm

speificatamente...... drunken

God bless you!! Like a Star @ heaven

Don't ask what SS lazio can do for you.
but what YOU can do for la SS Lazio!
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The North Curve From Canada Comes To Rome
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