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 The discovery of football (2)

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Curva Maestrelli
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PostSubject: The discovery of football (2)   Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:48 am

::The Discovery of Football:: source - (www.lazioclubmalta.com)

........A year later in January 1901, Bruno Seghettini (a member of the Racing club of Paris), presented himself to the Lazio premises, at via Valadier in Rome, with a football in his hands. He told the Laziali 'You founded a club, but do you know what is "fuutballe"?' They remained amazed, as they had never heard about this sport before. Their curiosity led them outside and they went to play. This sport attracted immediately the Laziali, who starting to play regular matches at the grounds at Piazza D'Armi, were they fixed the poles.

The news of this innovative sport reached all Romans and the Lazio squad became very popular. Many students escaped or did not even attend school, in order to watch the Laziali playing and thus learning this sport. Being the only team in the city, the Lazio players practiced by playing against each other, while from time to time they challenged and lost against teams composed of British seminarists residing in Rome to study.

In 1902, due to some internal conflicts at Lazio, some members quit and formed a new club called "Virtus". Some weeks later, on the 16th May, the two rival clubs confronted each other at Piazza D'Armi, thus making history since it was the first ever Roman derby. Around two hundred persons assisted to the match in which Lazio triumphed 3-0, with goals of Masini and two by the captain Sante Ancherani.

Popularity of football in Rome was at its peak and new clubs were formed. Infact the first Roman league was played in which four clubs took part, i.e. Lazio, Virtus, Veloce Club and Coraggio Macoa. Lazio won this league.

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The discovery of football (2)
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