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PostSubject: THE LAZIOFEVER MOTTO AND RULES   Sat May 24, 2008 5:38 pm

From today onwards, we ask everybody in this forum to follow our new rules based on our original motto, "One Symbol, One Colour, One Flag."

We need to introduce these rules for legal reasons but also to help maintain the style and good reputation of our forum.

Please, take five minutes of your time to read through the rules below.


1. 'Laziofever' is an unofficial, international forum for Societa' Sportiva Lazio fans. Everybody is welcome to sit in our nest providing they follow simple and fair rules.

2. There are no age restrictions to become a member. However, if you are under the age of sixteen, you must declare your age in the registration form.

3. All members are invited to follow our motto, "One Symbol, One Colour, One Flag" and conduct themselves appropriately at all times; IS Lazio style.

4. In this community there are more then 100 Nations and, in accordance with our motto, political and religious beliefs must be left outside of the tree. Any expression of a political or religious ideal will be removed from the forum and further action may be taken.

5. Racism is not tolerated here. Any racial remark or any comment that could be perceived as being racist will result in action being taken against the offending member.

6. The use of profanity in the forum is moderated. Severe or persistent use of offensive language will not go unnoticed and could be edited/deleted. We understand that profanity can be viewed as a mode of expression but we require it to be kept to a minimum for the sake of the forum.

7. The opinions of our friends should be respected at all times. Comments of a provocative, insulting or derogatory nature will be met with appropriate action.

8. Please be aware that it is illegal to post unofficial streams on the forum. This is the law of the land; not Laziofever. Spamming and any advertising that is not related to SS Lazio is also forbidden.

9. All the above rules apply to the Chatbox. Rule-breaking within the Chatbox will be noted and a ban will be applied, if necessary.

10. This is not a rule as such but Laziofever belongs to all members and we share the responsibility of maintaining our style. Everybody is encouraged to participate in any way they can and all suggestions or ideas on how the forum can be improved are always welcome.

- Please note that the Laziofever Team and its moderators reserve the right to, if necessary, edit/delete posts that are not directly in breach of the rules but could lead to a breach of the rules. This includes posts that are unnecessary, off topic and more suitable for a discussion outside of the forum. Thank you.

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