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PostSubject: CRAGNOTTI & LOTITO   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:24 pm

hello guys,this is my first post
I feel there is somthing goes on between lotito &CRAGNOTTI
any one know any thing about this
I have found this


can any one translate it
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Curva Maestrelli
Curva Maestrelli

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PostSubject: Re: CRAGNOTTI & LOTITO   Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:02 pm

Nesta wrote:

can any one translate it
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PostSubject: Re: CRAGNOTTI & LOTITO   Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:12 pm

Babelfish translation cheers


The former Cragnotti President returns to speak about Lazio after the presence of slid Sunday the Olympic one. “He screzi to It with Lotito? The past is passed. By now what it interests the future of this society is alone. And if Lotito wanted to count on my aid…”

Sergio Cragnotti, accepting the invitation of Lotito to sit down to its flank to the Olimpico Stage saturday evening, has received marks them distensivo lanciatogli from the patron biancoceleste. Not only but it is still decided, like already announced a year ago, to place side by side it, in case there was need of he, within the Lazio. Taking part to Radius Erre 2, Cragnotti demonstrates of being very signorile, in the moment in which Lotito ringrazia public: “I had desire to see this game, that it is much wait from all the Latium ones. Lotito has come to acquaintance of this and it has invited to me to assistervi. Me dispiace for result, of which a lot has been rammaricato also he since it counted very in a good result in order to throw again itself, but has seen a good game, than it has made me to return to the old times. The president has been much kind one and its hospitality has been exceptional. Me it has seemed a due action to accept the invitation and also it me has seemed enough serene and calm. It is a parenthesis sluice and goodness knows when I return to the stage”.
He screzi of the past are to the shoulders: “The past is passed. By now what it interests the future of this society is alone, for which it is useless to create problematic or to hold in old feet rancors. Very the victories come, if they can make to rinascere it. The result to sport level are beginning to improve and to social level it is being gotten dizzy to optimal financial levels economic. I augur myself that Lotito makes us see again the successes and that the Lazio can return to the apex also to international level”. And Cragnotti renews its availability to collaborate for the good of the Lazio: “The president has the ideas a much clear and precise strategy. Nobody can enter in the merit, less than it is not same to search other people's acquaintances. For my part, being remained Latium, I will keep myself to its disposition, in case wanted to not only count on me like element of experience and acquaintance of the markets and. This, however, is a problem that only concerns to he”.
According to former patron the biancoceleste ones, the Lazio has good bases for the future: “The society has good foundations on which working. In the present it cannot ambire to Champions League, but it has at least four players from great square, like Zarate, Pandev, Kolarov and Rocchi. It wants to us, however, a strengthening in the zones strategic of the field in order to grow. Lotito, in so far as, counts a lot on re-enters of Matuzalem. This square must try the amalgam, a greater coordination between the units. There are too many solisti, than they do not play for the square. The Lazio can aspire to situations of privilege in classifies, provided that better this aspect, otherwise, against great watertight adversaries or defense, will always suffer. There is much to work for the trainer. Zarate? It appeals to me very because it has much technique, but goes disciplined and it must learn to play with the companions. Rossi has the dilemma if to play with three tips or a 4-4-2 and centrocampo organized and powerful in support of attack. The square is not balanced and Rossi must find a solution”.
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PostSubject: Re: CRAGNOTTI & LOTITO   

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