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 Man Shithe~ vs. Kaka

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PostSubject: Man Shithe~ vs. Kaka   Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:33 pm

Whatever the truth for Kaka to stay at Milan underlies, I am glad he had turned the offer down with Man Shiteh~.
I am not a fan of Kaka or a Milanista, but still a fan of football which is in my opinion not living up to it's reputation as the "Beautiful Game" these days.

When I heard Man Shithe~ was offering an unrefusable amount of money to Belaruscone, I knew Mr. B couldn't refuse accept that enourmous amount of money and for even a guy like Kaka who had a wealthy youth couldn't refuse as these days typically under a Super Star lies a mega sized company to be fed. So, I thought it will be just another the Super Duper Human Being's super duper excuse such as "I would do it for the club", "if I a club decides to sell me I have not intersts staying" and blah blah as usual.

Still this time, I really felt that money was pushing way beyond limits, don't get me wrong as I said before the game of the Beautifuls is fading anyway, but this time I almost felt if it were a challenge to human morale. Was like watching Kaka becoming an official hooker (btw, the official hooker who had already sold her soul called Davido bAckham urged Kaka to stay at Milan? Hooker life no goody?).

Again I do not know the ful reason of not joining Shithe, but for me it was enough not to give up hopes on footy becomming pure prostitutes.

Of course Kaka might be already a millionair even by refusing the offer, but I am sure it wouldn't have been that easy.
Anyway, eventhough I still won't be a great fan of his on the pitch, this off the pitch incident was quiet respectable.

When I read about players stay true to their heart and act on like Redondo or Coco in the past who had refused get paid while they were injured or who like Kaka are among people who keeps the game Beautiful.


P.S. Now it would be an icing on the cake if Man Shithe~ relegates (no offense on Man City fans, but that's one for the shitty owner!)
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Man Shithe~ vs. Kaka
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