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 Carrizo Vs Muslera

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Carrizo or Muslera ? who to keep
 5% [ 3 ]
 40% [ 23 ]
Loan Carrizo out
 22% [ 13 ]
Loan Muslera out
 5% [ 3 ]
keep them both, and the coach will rotate them each other match.
 16% [ 9 ]
The coach will have his final word next season, and thats it !
 7% [ 4 ]
Sell them both and buy some classic italian keeper
 2% [ 1 ]
Its confusing
 3% [ 2 ]
other! plz state
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 58


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PostSubject: Re: Carrizo Vs Muslera   Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:55 am

I watched Carrizo when he played for River Plate and he was great. Last season was really bad for him, but it was his first season in Seria A... I think he should be our first keeper. Wink Muslera is great talent too but I really prefer Carrizo. Wink
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Il Capitano
Curva Maestrelli
Curva Maestrelli

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PostSubject: Re: Carrizo Vs Muslera   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:26 am

Mr.Andersson wrote:
And "Il capitano", I find it unneccesary to pick on someone(like Skenderbeu) when he is just expressing his thoughts. Do you really think that it is only your thoughts that can turn out to be correct an the ones how doesn't agree with you are just talking rubbish?
Be a little more carefull about what you write, this is a friendly forum!

This is a forum indeed so I'm entitled to write down my opinion. And I didn't offend Skenderbeu personally, I just heavily disagreed with what he said and facts underline my opinion. When Muslera took over as the number one goalkeeper we got one point out of the first four games, which was a draw in the fourth game he played in... When the season started, with Carrizo as the number one goalkeeper, we got four wins out of the first five games. Well, that might have been a coincidence. However here is an interesting look for those blaming Carrizo and usually stats don't lie:

Carrizo, 23 games played with 33 goals against and 32 points for the team which makes an average of 1,43 goals against and 1,48 points.

Muslera, 15 games played with 22 goals against and 16 points for the team which makes an average of 1,47 goals against and 1,07 points.

If you want to continue counting if Carrizo would have played all games we might have finished with 55 points (9th, not exactly great), with Muslera in net with 40 (15th!!!), which makes a difference of 15 points. The cup win saved us the season, but it's the results in the league which are the most important.

So after taking a look at those numbers do you really want to tell me that Muslera should be our number one goalkeeper? Yes, he has improved, but that's normal when you play more games. But he is far from convincing (not meaning that Carrizo really convinced).
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Carrizo Vs Muslera
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